General Playing Rule of Pai Gow Game

.Generally pai gow poker will play with 52-cards and one joker; before starting game players have to finish their betting at table, then can deal with 7 cards and players need to make 2-poker hand with those cards where arrangement will be standard 5-card and 2-hand poker hand. According to the game situation this 5-card hand sometimes will call as “bottom” or “high” or “big” or “behind” whenever 2-card will call as “in front” or “small” or “on top” or “low” or “minor” hand. At this game player will play the game against banker not against any other players which makes this game difference from other poker games and as playing rule players have to make best hand and with playing this game must remember pai gow is one-on one game.  Learn why has honest online casino reviews.

After completed the card arrangement of players now banker will get chance to use its turn where card will set according to the preset rule which is known as “house way”. Then comparison will start between banker and player’s 5-card hand and keeping of higher hand will be declare as winner at game.  Similar comparison will happen at 2-card hand between banker and player. Suppose card will match or no one will get higher card, then it is known a “copy” but if player will be declared as winner at both card hand then players will get 

commission from the game.  At card arranging time if 2-card hands will high than 5-card hand then both hands will come “foul” where both hands will lose but here only joker can use as “flush” or “straight flush” or “straight” or also can be use as “ace”; when player use joker as flush, then its rank becomes highest unused card. Dealer can use “dragon” hand when find out any blank seat at casino hall; even at game table player can wish for this type of hand when player will play with two points unless one point.  Click to redeem your poker bonus at

For winning this pai gow poker it is necessary to follow some good strategies which can help you to make own plan and trick to perform well. For doing this task you have to get better at odds of game and also arrange cards carefully which is most important factor for this game.  Here some given basic playing rules are given at this article about pai gow poker game. But for getting more you have to go at pokermoods site.